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Fast-hydration is a term justified when the product achieves more than 85% of its final viscosity within 3 to 5 min, after it is added to water and the solution is agitated. Well known as FHG this product is largely used in drilling oil & natural gas wells. Different applications require different viscosities, hence at Credence Agri Commodities Solutions Pvt. Ltd. we have created a range of products to cater to the requirements of the clients. CREDENCE HV & MV are high performance, highly dispersible guar gum powders specially formulated for on-the-fly mixing. The high quality and high purity of this product means that both lower polymer loadings can be achieved and fewer impurities are deposited down hole, both resulting in cleaner, higher permeability wells.

Grade CRE11 CRE12 CRE13 CRE14 CRE15
  3 min 25 cPS min 30 cPS min 35 cPS min 35 cPS min 40cPS min
1hrs 35 cPS min 40 cPS min 40 cPS min 43 cPS min 45 cPS min
color Off white
mesh 98.50% pass thru 200 mesh
moisture 7%
protein 5.00%
ph 5.00 – 7.00
ash 1.00%
glactiomanon 82.00%
fann viscosity Cold, fann 35 sa @ 300 rpms , 0.48 % guar gum soluationsin 2 kCL
packaging 25 kg. 50 kg.1000 kg jumbo beg.
cas 9000-30-3
HS – code 130.232.30
place of origin India

Properties of Guar Gum: It is soluble in cold water. It has strong hydrogen bonding properties. It has excellent thickening, emulsion, stabilizing and film forming properties. It has excellent stability to control theology by water phase management.

Guar Gum is used as: Natural thickener, Emulsifier ,Stabilizer ,Bonding agent ,Hydrocolloid ,Gelling agent ,Natural Fiber, Fracturing agent


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