GOLDEN SELLA Basmati Rice 1121

GOLDEN SELLA Basmati Rice 1121
Product Description
1121 Golden Sella Basmati Rice

 Long Grain Rice, As Is Clear From The Name, Is The Rice With Long And Slender Grains. The Measurement Of A Single Grain May Vary Between 7 To 9 Millimeters. Most Of The Long Grain Types Have Developed From The Rice Type Oryza Sativa (Indica). One Of The Well Known Long Grain Rice Varieties Is The Famous Indian Basmati Rice. Indian Basmati Rice Is Hailed For Its Distinct Aroma And Irresistible Flavor. Although, Price More That Other Varieties Of Rice, Basmati Is Very High In Demand In The International Markets.

All About Indian Basmati Rice:

  • Basmati Rice Has A Distinct Aroma Which Differentiates It From Other Rice Varieties Of Rice.
  • The Color Of A Basmati Grain Is Lucent And Creamy White. Brown Basmati Rice Is Also Available But White Basmati Is The Favorite Choice.
  • Cooked Basmati Rice Grains Do Not Stick With One Another. The Texture Is Non-Sticky.
  • When The Basmati Rice Is Cooked, The Grains Elongate Between 70-120 % Over The Pre-Cooked Grain When Compared With Other Rice Varieties.
Basmati Rice Is Recommended For Diabetic Patients As It Is Contain Low Levels Of Cholesterol, Fat And Gluten. Basmati Rice Is Rich In Amino Acids, Vitamins And Other Nutrients Which Are Essential Requirement Of The Body. Basmati Rice Is Low In Starch Content.

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