yELLOW Maize/corn : Animal feeding

yELLOW Maize/corn : Animal feeding
yELLOW Maize/corn : Animal feeding
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CREDENCE AGRI: Yellow Maize/Corn :

Maize, scientific name Zea mays, also known ascorn or mielie/mealie, is one of the most extensively cultivated cereal crops on Earth. More maize is produced, by weight, than any other grain, and almost every country on Earth cultivates maize commercially for a variety of uses. The abundant cultivation of maize globally has led to concerns about monocropping and biodiversity, especially since genetic evidence suggests that maize is radically less diverse than it was originally. In addition, maize is heavily genetically modified, and the crop has been used as a rallying point by the anti-Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) community.

The exact domestication point for maize is unknown, but it is estimated that the crop is at least 5,000 years old. The plant was originally domesticated in Mesoamerica, and appears to be related to species of wild grass which still exist in Central American today. People in many English speaking nations know maize as corn. Originally, the term "corn" could refer to any type of grain. When maize was brought back to Europe, it was called "Indian corn," a reference to the source of the plant. The term was shortened to "corn" as maize became ubiquitous in many gardens. In Africa, it is known as mealies.\

Globally, maize is a staple crop, and many people rely on it as a primary source of nutrition. In addition to playing a major role in the human diet, maize is also used as livestock fodder. Maize is processed to make an assortment of products ranging from high fructose corn syrup to biofuels, all of which play important roles in human society. Oddly enough, maize is at the forefront of the green revolution with byproducts like compostable containers and biofuel, while simultaneously being used as a controversial food additive in the form of corn syrup and other derivatives.

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